Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Groove's Faves: "What If...Celebrities Ran for President?" by Wolfman, Severin, and Costanza

'Tis Election Day in the U.S.A., Groove-ophiles! To celebrate (and help ease the pain if your candidate(s) don't do well), here's a ca-razee piece written by Marv Wolfman with art by Marie Severin and John Costanza (then John lettered it and Marie colored it up purty!) from Spoof #3 (October 1972). Back in '72, newfangled things like 18 year olds getting to vote and celebrities going political were new and novel, inspiring Marv to write "What If...Celebrities Ran for President!" Marvelous Marv's crystal ball was a mite cloudy on the details, but doggoned if he doesn't hit the proverbial nail on the head with his overall prognostications...

Now, if thou hasn't already done so...get thee offeth thine backside and VOTE! Groove hath spoken!


  1. In the interests of balance between the (former) Big Two, I should hope you'll be giving us a taste of Prez :-)

    B Smith

  2. Great cover! Looks like an issue of Tiger Beat(early 1970's) exploded here. Probably one of the first Marvel "What Ifs" too!The creative teams jammed so much into the pages of Spoof, their imaginations were allowed to run wild !!

  3. Sadly, we tried this in real life and it was a disaster.....



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