Thursday, November 8, 2012

Ol' Groove's Request Line: "Cathedral Prime!" by Warner, Sutton, and Jason

When Ol' Groove shared Logan's Run #6 last month, Professor Jenness quickly chimed in and pleaded, "PLEASE post the final LOGAN'S RUN comic!" Now how could any self-respecting Wizard of the Wild ignore such a fervent appeal? Here 'tis, Prof! "Cathedral Prime!" from Logan's Run #7 (April 1977) by John Warner, Tom Sutton, and Klaus Janson, complete with the Gil Kane/Al Milgrom cover. Who loves ya, baby?

And thus Marvel's continuation of Logan's Run ended. Notice no kind of "is this the end?" blurb on the cover? Plus there's a "next issue" box on the last page. The plug must've been pulled fairly quickly--and without warning--on our favorite 23rd Century Sandman's mag. Wotta shame!


  1. THANK YOU! I have been wondering about this since I was a kid! You're awesome, Groove!

  2. Thank you, Groove! This is awesome; I've been wondering about it since I was a cathedral cub!

  3. That "next issue" box, with a teaser and story title, seems to indicate that the plug was indeed pulled rather unexpectedly (for the creative team anyway). It makes me wonder: I'm sure a script was already written, I wonder if Sutton (or someone else) had already completed some art?

  4. I just sold this book with a few other LR issues.

  5. Klaus was bringing it with his inks here! Story-wise this title had more than a few good ideas to keep the book going forward



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