Thursday, July 11, 2013

Groove's Faves: "The Sporting Life" by Doyle, Lucey, and Stone

Young Groove was always a fan of Archie 1--the prehistoric adventures of Archie and the Gang--and I still dig 'em to this day, especially when they're done by the team of Doyle, Lucey, and Stone. Frank Doyle always spun a fun yarn and the art team of Harry Lucey and Chic Stone turned out the most gorgeous art of the whole Archie line (imho). Just take today's "The Sporting Life" from Archie #223 (cover-dated December 1972) for example. Archie 1 invents batball...yeah, it's silly, but I betcha laff!!


  1. Ha! These prehistoric Archie tales came up in a comment thread at Bronze Age Babies recently. Thanks for posting this. When I was in my Archie phase, I always liked it when one of these appeared in those 100-page digests. I especially liked that Veronica was for some reason the smartest one in the group, always lightly mocking everyone else for being so bone-headed.



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