Friday, July 5, 2013

Making a Splash: John Byrne's X-Men, Part 1

Greetings, Groove-ophiles! Today is the first in a (randomly-running mini-) series featuring splashes from what are arguably some of the best, most important comics of the Groovy Age--the Claremont/Byrne/Austin era of The X-Men! Here are the first baker's dozen splashes (including double-pagers and interior splashes). Do they take us back to one of the most exciting times in comics ever? Yep! Do they take your breath away? Oh, yeah! Do you want me to shaddup so you can look at 'em? Okay!

X-Men started their montly status with this ish and never looked back, baby!


  1. wow, these sure bring back memories! what great (and well, the Sauron/Sun God story wasn't so great, actually) stories. I eagerly awaited all of them back in the day, scouring drug stores and grocery stores for new issues, and making it to Mile High Comics every so often when I missed them. what a great time for comics. Byrne has never looked better either.

  2. With my only previous exposure to the New XMen having been their appearance in Marvel TeamUp Annual #1, I finally decided to buy my first proper issue with #111 (I could not resist that classic Cockrum cover!). The stories and artwork blew me away. Byrne/Austin were my Kirby, my Ditko, my Adams. Nobody drawing comics at that time could touch them, and while many fine artists took over after their departure, their version of the team became the definitive one to which all other paled in comparison. Your blog is a daily must-read for me, and today's was extra special, thanks!

  3. Man I remember most fans didn't care about the original X-Men before the summer of 75. I knew when I picked uup GS X-Men #1. This was going to be the new next big comic series! I bought up like 5 copies! I just missed out on buying some Byrne art in Jan of 79. No thanks to a old buddy literally. Who pulled me out of the entrance to a small show John was at. Even if Byrne might not been selling his X-Men art then. I probably missed out on getting some beautiful Iron Fist & Marvel Team Up/Two in One pgs/cocers!! GGGRRRRR!!!! I had the fund$ back then too. If only my so called leech of a ex-buddy hadn't been with me. Or I would had just told him off & walked through that door!

  4. Growing up as a child of the 80's in the UK everything here was a bryne re-print.
    Most of my first US comic memories are of his X-Men and Fantastic Four stuff it was great.

  5. John Byrne & Terry Austin: the Team Supreme! Claremont was no slouch during this period, either.Details...yet, clean & crisp artwork. Just look at the curves on Storm...great stuff could be found in the pages of The X-men !!

  6. This was truly the Golden Age of the X-men, with the magical trio of Claremont, Byrne & Austin at the helm. Classic stuff Groove!

    - Mike from Trinidad & Tobago.

  7. The last of these, 116, looks like the first credit for the complete classic team: Claremont, Byrne, Austin, Orzechowski, Wein and Stern.
    Time and memory plays tricks, I wouldn't have thought it took nine issues for them to come together.



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