Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Black and White Wednesday: Kull II by Marie and John Severin

Greetings, Groove-ophiles! Today let's feast our eyes on the magnificence of Marie and John Severin's incredible art for the Kull II Portfolio* as presented in Marvel Preview #19 (Summer 1979). The first five plates are Big Brother John's solo work, while the last three are laid out/penciled by Sister Marie and inked by Bro John. Are you ready for this?

(*Kull I, wherefore art thou?)


  1. Seen a few of these before elsewhere, but it's nice to see them all in one place. Love the Severins on Kull.
    Also: on Monday we had Skull, on Wednesday Kull. I'm beginning to see a pattern here (Skrulls on Friday?) ... ;)

  2. And maybe Krull (Marvel Super Special #28) on Thursday?

  3. It's a little-known fact that the first 5 plates are by John and the rest of by Marie and John. Just kidding, Groove! Nice stuff to pick for today! Thanks! - Jeff

    1. Now that was funny, Jeff! For that, I'll return your pet rock Lockjaw I've been holding hostage! :D

  4. What's next!?? The NubSkull!!?? The Red Skull's younger & dumber brother? LOL When I used to talk with Marie she always told me her very favorite work besides Not Brand Echh. was the issues of Kull & these she did with her brother John. As well as her run on the Sub-Mariner & her many, many cover rough layouts. That most fans never knew she designed or helped design. Always loved Marie's work.

  5. Wotta bunch'a comedians you guys are! :P Actually, the "ull" stuff was just a weird coincidence--wish I WAS that smart!

  6. These are so amazing - some of their best work - I always wanted to see the full set... and that Garcia Lopez job is to die for... I don't know if he ever did more than three issues of anything, but I guess that's why he's so good... love those s/k/r/ull fridays ;-)

  7. The first of the five "John Severin" pics is signed by Marie and John (just like the three you credited to the two of them)-- and it looks like Marie had a hand in it too. Is that possible?

  8. Thank you,Mr Groove,for sharing!
    These are Ultragoovy!
    What a wonderful collaboration
    between sister and brother!
    Ms Severin's and Mr Severins art
    is Dyno-mite!
    Especially plates nr 1 through 8.
    /Mr Anonymous



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