Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Black and White Wednesday: Department of InFOOMation, FOOM Magazine #4

Late 1973, Marvel released FOOM Magazine #4. Among all the cool articles, games, and ads, standing head and shoulders above it all was the Department of InFOOMation, revealing what comics and b&w mags us Marvel-maniacs could look forward to during the first three months of 1974. Aw, do you remember these...?


  1. There's mention of something called "Giant-Sized Superstars," with a rotating cast of major heroes. Did that actually get published? The description didn't sound familiar.

  2. One issue of Giant-Size Superstars appeared (featuring the Fantastic Four and a Thing/Hulk clash--you can find more info about that here on the blog); a second mag with a similar idea came next (Giant-Size Super-Heroes starring Spider-Man), but the idea morphed into what would become a full-line of Giant-Size comics (68 pages for fifty cents instead of 48 pages for 35 cents). Giant-Size Superstars' numbering was picked up by Giant-Size Fantastic Four. Looks to me like I'm past due writing a Giant-Size post... ;D

  3. Ohhhh man, as a brand, spankin' new Marvel Zuvembie (as we're called now..., thanks to Avengers 152..), FOOM was the greatest thing to ever exist. I got my membership starting with ish 2 and that Steranko poster was a thing of beauty.

    I recently sold my original poster, kept as pristine as I could keep it after 40yrs, but a LA poster firm was selling 'em at different sizes on different paper stock, so I invested in a brand new one, slightly smaller for dens/offices. I'm so pumped..

    I loved the entire concept, like you're actually in the Bullpen, with all the inside jokes, updates, making the MU just a little more like home.



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