Monday, February 10, 2014

Groovy Guest Post by Mike Mikulovsky: "Codename: The Cold Warrior!" by Thomas, Craig, and Hunt

Here 'tis, Groove-ophiles! Mighty Mike Mikulovsky's thoughts on 3-D Man's final Marvel Premiere appearance! Dig it!!

What it be, cool kats! Have you been chillin' out this winter? Speaking of cool, here's (sadly) the final adventure for our red, green & gold hero! We get yet another great cover by the dynamic duo of Gil Kane & Jolt'in Joe Sinnott... 

Mighty Mike would like to thank Anthony Snyder for selling him this glorious Gil Kane preliminary piece!   
Thanks, also, to Michael "One Minute Later" Finn for sharing his original cover art!

The interiors of Marvel Premiere #37 (May 1977) were again penciled by the great Jim Craig and inked by Dave Hunt! Of course, our tale was written by rascally Roy Thomas! This issue we get some great battle scenes as 3-D Man battles none other than the Cold Warrior! This tale has it all! Skrulls! Commies! The Cold Warrior, and even Tricky Dickie Vice President Nixon himself!!?? Where's the commie bustin' cop Officer Kirk when we need him! I always wondered if the 3-D Man had gotten his own solo series, would he have battled giant insects or the Blob? Met the 50's Captain America, Bucky, or the original Human Torch? OK I've rambled on here enough! Bust out your 3-D glasses and hop to it! AAhhh what might have been..... HHHmmmmm What If??? To be continued???    


  1. Dang. I always suspected Nixon might be a Skrull.

  2. Breaking news! I just scored three more 3-D Man pages from artist Jim Craig himself! How cool is that! Knowing how much I love this character. Roy Thomas himself asked me to do a small article/interview with him & Jim Craig on the 3-D Man coming out in the June or July issue of AE!

  3. For any one who cares my article/ interviews will be in the Alter-Ego #126 July 3-D part II issue.

  4. 3-D man was awesome. Much better than that awful Triathlon who stole his gimmick.

    1. I'm with you Matt, I wish they would had just brought the original back. It would had been really cool if they had had Capt.A & the original Human Torch. Welcome the 3-D Man to the ranks of the Avengers!



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