Friday, March 21, 2014

Making a Splash: Sal Buscema Team-Up

Y'know, Groove-ophiles, Our Pal Sal Buscema penciled and/or laid out over 30 issues of Marvel Team-Up (starting with ish #20, January 1974) during the Groovy Age. That's a bunch! His powerhouse layouts always grabbed Young Groove--still do! And although Our Pal was at the mercy of his finishers a lot of times due to the Dread Deadline Doom, you could always count on him to deliver some superbly socko Spidey and friends splashes! I'm not gonna run all of 'em (not today, at least), but I do wanna share my Top Ten splashes (including interior and double-page splashes, natch), just so we can plant our peepers on a ton o'Sal superbadness (like that made-up woid?) all in one slide-n-glide. Dig?

MTU #40 (September 1975)

MTU #45 (February 1976)

MTU #82 (March 1979)


  1. Now you're just teasing us with that georgous Buscema/Leialoha splash from #82, aren't you?

  2. Sal did so much work every month. Many older fans don't realize the volumes of pages/books he was doing every month! My favorite work he did was on his Sub-Mariner, the Avengers & Defenders runs! He had some great inkers then.

  3. Oh, yeah, a nice Friday Sal fix. Those last few images in particular really bring back some memories: I first discovered MTU during Bill Mantlo's run on the title, and I think that four-parter that begins with issue #82 is my favorite multi-part MTU story.

  4. Thanks, Groove! Any praise directed toward Our Pal is so justly deserved!


  5. WTF Spidey met Killraven and Deathlok? Sheesh, it looks like our friendly neighbourhood wallcrawler was everywhere in MTU!

    Mike 'Spidey sure gets around' from Trinidad & Tobago.



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