Friday, March 7, 2014

The Grooviest Covers of All Time: George Tuska

Greetings, Groove-ophiles! When fans of the Groovy Age think of George Tuska, we think of Iron Man, Teen Titans, and lots and lots of fill-ins. George is one of those journeymen who'd been around since the Golden Age and we just (sadly) kinda took him for granted. I never personally went out of my way looking for a George Tuska book, but I was rarely disappointed when I bought a mag George had penciled. He had the trademark Marvel powerful figures and in-your-face action-packed layouts down pat. Another thing George could do, but didn't get nearly enough opportunities to do so, t'would sadly seem, is create some outstanding and even iconic covers! Just check out this Marvel-ous offering of Tuska covers...

Gracias to the Grand Comics Database for the awesome cover scans!


  1. Tuska sure had a long career in comics! Like you, I never had Tuska in my "top ten" artists as a youth, but later on I realized how much comic work he had done before I was even born! I remember he did Iron Man and a bunch of Avengers...they seemed to have him fill in on books when another artist missed a deadline...besides these covers, he did a couple of nice painted ones (at least) - for horror mags EERIE TALES #1 and WEIRD MYSTERIES #1 (Pastime Publications).

  2. Mr.Tuska deserves every accolade he can get from the comics industry.

    However,that Sinbad cover is by John Romita and Vince Colletta. Romita also did the title page of the issue.

    Mr.Tuska excellently pencilled the rest of the book(along with part two.)

    1. Actually, Tuska drew the cover, but Romita heavily re-worked it. Still it's a nice collaboration and looks great!

  3. My favourite Tuska work was for CRIME DOES NOT PAY in the late 1940s. Great faces, engaging storytelling.

    Chris A.



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