Thursday, March 6, 2014

The Boys from Derby: "An Unfinished Tale" by Gill and Sutton

Hey, hey, hey, Groove-ophiles? Ever have something just naggin' at the back of your noggin? Something just important enough to tickle your brain, but not important enough to remember? I feel like I need to do something...something's not complete, ya know? Sheesh... Well, while I try to figure out whatever it is, you can read this creepy classic by Joe Gill and Tom Sutton from The Many Ghosts of Dr. Graves #42 (July 1973). Prepare to finish..."An Unfinished Tale"!

Hey! Now I know what it was...I needed to finish this post. Ah, nowwwww Ol' Groove feels better!


  1. Every time you post a Sutton story, I am reminded of how fantastic an artist he was. Too, when you post Sutton, no one seems to comment. I hope this doesn't mean that there are no Sutton fans in the group that frequents this site. - Jeff Clem

  2. Don't worry, Jeff, I'm a Sutton fan too. And he was easily one of the best cover artists there's ever been.

  3. No, Jeff, there are in fact other Sutton fans frequenting the site. And yes, I agree with you, he's an absolutely fantastic artist.

  4. I absolutely loved Tom Sutton's work on Marvel's black & white Planet of the Apes title! Apes as pirates living on huge grotesque ships if I remember!



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