Tuesday, March 25, 2014

The Boys from Derby (Two-fer!): "The Metamorph" and "Escape from Vipon" by Pellowski and Boyette

Greetings, Groove-ophiles! Over the past few years, we've looked back at all of Charlton's color Space: 1999 comics--except for the final ish, #7 (August 1976)--what's up with that? So today, Ol' Groove is gonna rectify that sitch by sharing both of Mike Pellowski and Pat Boyette's mini-epics from that fateful final ish, "The Metamorph" (which features the origin of Maya) and "Escape from Vipon"! Dig 'em!


  1. Has there ever been a comicbook Artist (and I mean Artist with a capital A) that has ever been as underrated as the late Pat Boyette? Just beautiful work that does what it's supposed to.Tell a story. He was praised by creative people, including Frank Thorne, Steranko and Alex Toth. No slouches in the storytelling department, those three.

  2. Could you possibly post the missing page from the first story? Thanks!



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