Thursday, May 1, 2014

Addicted to Alex Nino: "Small Invasion" by Mayer and Nino

Happy 74th Birthday, Alex Nino!! Let's dig on an early Nino fave o'mine from House of Secrets #101 (September 1972), Groove-ophiles. Written by Golden Age Great Sheldon Mayer, here's "Small Invasion"!


  1. Alex Nino! The more I see of his work, the more I want to see. That is a fantastic story. I love the height mistake. It's such a weird detail.

  2. Happy birthday Alex! And thanks, Groove, for yet again posting some more Nino eye-candy. In a perfect world, DC would gather up every single horror, SF, etc. short story and back-up done by Nino in the 1970s/'80s and publish them in a nice big omnibus...

  3. Thanks so much oh groovy one -- I always return to your page when you feature any of the Filipino greats ( Yandoc, Alcala,Nino et al )

    DC are really out of their minds if they don't compile these great artists' work into some quality bound volumes.

    ( I love the cheap Showcase series, but I'd snap up a high quaity collection)

  4. Any chance of running more of Jerry Grandinetti's work ?

    So much appreciate your amazing site !

  5. So cool! I only have this in black and white when it was reproduced a few years later in a comic I have. Great to see it in colour.



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