Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Black and White Wednesday: "...Through the Wringer" by Reed and Fradon

Wazzup, Groove-ophiles! While trippin' through some old issues of Amazing World of DC Comics, Ol' Groove came across this twisted treasure by David V. Reed and Ramona Fradon, "...Through the Wringer"! It looks like an unused PLOP! strip to me, but since the word "plop" doesn't show up in it, it must've been for one of DC's  "straight" mystery/horror titles. Wherever it should have gone, it wound up in AWoDCC #10 (January 1976)--and here it is for you!


  1. I suppose it's been said before, but it bears repeating over and over, loudly: Ramona Fradon is awesome!

  2. The least uncharitable spin to put on this for Reed, Fradon, and the original editor--Joe Orlando, I suppose--is that it was done while Bill Finger was still alive, and pulled from the schedule with his death.

    The Amazing World of DC Comics editors, though--I can't imagine what was going through their heads.

    1. DC creators were extremely rough on each other when it came to lampooning each other in their comics. That generation had a totally different idea of kidding a joking than we do today. Much more biting and, yes, mean-spirited (at least to our sensibilities). Remember how big Don Rickles was with guys of that age...

      Bravo to DC for pulling this after Finger's death. Perhaps the AWoDCC editors thought enough time had passed...and/or that this strip was professional enough to see print? Good points, all, Martin!

  3. The narrator looks like (DC characters) Cain or Abel, so it was intended for House of Mystery or House of Secrets.

    1. Cain, Abel, and even Eve all hosted PLOP!, too, and Cain looks to have been drawn by Sergio Aragones, hence my PLOP! idea. I agree with you, though, it was probably prepared for House of Mystery.



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