Monday, September 28, 2015

MoKF Mondays: "Death Masque!" by Moench, Gulacy, and Adkins

HiiiiiiiiiYA, Groove-ophiles! Y'know, Marvel's line of Giant-Size comics (68 pages for fifty cents) generated tons of excitement in 74/75! One of the best of the best was Giant-Size Master of Kung Fu #1 (June 1974). Regular writer Doug Moench teamed with semi-regular artists Paul Gulacy and Dan Adkins (truly a team that was anything but REGULAR, baby) for an epic 25 page Shang-Chi vs. Fu Manchu tale! Both Moench and Gulacy applied a truly cinematic style, and man, were they ever clicking on "Death Masque!"
Cover art by Ron Wilson and Mike Esposito


  1. Thanks for posting this. It was the first Chang-Shee story that I ever read, and certainly not the last. I'm excited that Marvel will finally be able to release these in collected form soon.

  2. I hope that these are included in the forthcoming omnibuses. But I don't know how they'd sequence the non-regular series material.

  3. Always a series that set an incredibly high bar: though, I must confess that I think the finest tales are those that have Fu Manchu as a featured player.

  4. Talk about religious ecstasy. I believe when the Pope heard the news about the new omnibus series he got so excited he dropped Ban Ki-moon with a Flying Monkey Kick.

  5. This blog continues to be a national treasure. National? No . . . universal. Multiversal!

  6. While I'm happy that Marvel is finally reprinting MOKF I don't like how they reprint their past work . Their Masterworks look too flat and the colors are garish. Marvel should reprint their books like Fantagraphics reprinted the Simon & Kirby romance comics, scanned straight off the original comics, leave the dots, just clean up the reproductions a little and printed on better paper. If you haven't seen those books you should check them out. Every time I hear Marvel's reprinting a classic series I wish they'd do it like that. There's so much lost in the artwork the way they're reprinting it



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