Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Titanic Tuesdays: "Raid of the Rocket-Rollers" by Rozakis, Delbo, and Colletta

Dig it, Groove-ophiles! Skateboarding was a big-thang during the Groovy Age, so much that the sport even made it into movies, TV shows, and the occasional comic book! In May 1977, the Teen Titans faced the Rocket-Rollers (a month later, Spider-Man would face The Rocket Racer, but we'll talk about that later...). Not a very bright bunch of baddies, they did mess up Mal's new Hornblower identity (thank goodness!)--of course this version of the Titans wasn't very bright, either--witness the Aqualad sub-plot, the Bumblebee sub-plot, and (on the last page) the real reason Mal sent Hornblower into retirement so quickly...From Teen Titans #49, get ready for the..."Raid of the Rocket-Rollers"!
Cover art by Rich Buckler and Jack Abel


  1. Well, at least Aqualad hit somebody. That's the high water mark for this series so far.

    James Chatterton

  2. I had forgotten how hideous the Hornblower costume was! I'd also forgotten that this was the only period during which Donna's lasso was written as "magic", which didn't really work with the concept that Diana's was unique. I can't recall whether they fully fleshed out that storyline in this run. I know Wolfman's Donna just had a regular non-magic version.



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