Thursday, September 3, 2015

Thursday Team-Ups: "A Matter of Gravity" by Conway, Jones, and Tanghal

Dig it, Groove-ophiles! When the All-New Doom Patrol finished their three-part Showcase intro (issues 94-96, check 'em out here, here, and here) who'd'a thunk their next appearance would involve them teaming up with Supergirl! S'truth! At the beginning of the DC Explosion, June 1978, the All-New DP teamed with the Maid of Might in her berth in Superman Family (ish #191, to be exact). Now, this ten-pager by Gerry Conway, Arvell Jones, and Romeo Tanghal was, Ol' Groove strongly suspects, was to have been part of a 34 page ish of Super-Team Family, based on the fact that the story runs 32 pages all totaled through ish 193 and the writer/art team was the regular writer/art team on STF. STF was cancelled when DC went to it's all-fourty-four pages for fifty cent line, so a little creative editing made for a pretty smooth transition from STF to SMF. Only hadda change one letter! (I kill me sometimes!)

Fun fact for moi: Teen Groove bought this ish of Superman Family off the spinner rack the very same Friday evening he went with the fam to see Grease on the big screen! Sandy!

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  1. This is a treat. I didn't know Arvell Jones did any work for DC at that time. Thanks for posting this!



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