Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Setting the Pace: "Just a Guy Named 'X'!" by Mantlo, Perez, and McWilliams

Welcome back, Groove-ophiles! All you George Perez fans rejoice! Ol' Groove has dug into the Files of the Far-Out to find another early Perez classic, this one from Power Man #27 (July 1975). "Just a Guy Named 'X'!", a filler written by Bill Mantlo and inked by Al McWilliams, gave us a chance to see how The Pace-Setter would handle a couple things we rarely got to see him draw: a solo super-hero, street-level action. Want Ol' Groove to stifle and let you dig George, Bill, and Al's handiwork? Well, okay!


  1. SWEET X-MAS!! I remember this story like it was yesterday I loved the first 2- some issues of Luke Cage Hero for Hire/ Powerman! I just wish he had stayed in the Defenders or joined the Avengers.

  2. Despite Al McWilliams inking not enhancing his pencils very well, the final panel on page 14 shows why George Perez became a superstar in the pantheon of comic book artists. The pulse-pounding transformation of Willie Dance exemplifies the mastery of storytelling Mr. Perez displayed for multiple decades at both Marvel and DC.

  3. Hey Groovster!
    Any chance we can see u post Luke Cage Hero for Hire #1 & #21 Powerman vs Powerman? Luke vs Dr.Doom & vs Ironman issues as well?

  4. Hey youse guys! Wow Groove you really bring back fond memories for me! I read this tale when I was about 8 years old! Hmm seems like Mantlo or someone else involved here was a real pro wrestling fan!

    - Mike 'the knife' from Trinidad & Tobago.

  5. If this is typical characterisation of Luke Cage, I have to say he's a pretty big jerk.

  6. A very poignant tale that still managed the requisite number of smack downs required by the House of Ideas at this time. Shows Mantlo on top form and Perez just coming into his own. Thanks for posting this Groove.

  7. Yes thanks for the memories I read this years ago loved it then and now



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