Monday, September 7, 2015

Greetings from Skartaris: "The City in the Sky!" by Mike Grell

Well, Groove-ophiles, when Ol' Groove flubs his dub, he flubs it big time! Last Greetings from Skartaris, we rapped about Warlord #9...the time before that, Warlord #7. SeewhatImean? I slap-down skipped ish #8 (May 1977), and it's a doozy of a tale, too! Mike Grell's "The City in the Sky!" is one of the most science-fiction-leaning issues of Warlord you'd ever wanna read, and Grell's art is sah-mokin'! So without further ado (and with no more misteakes i hop), here's the missing link between Warlord issues seven and nine!

Hey, at least my boo-boo give you an idea of what it was like trying to keep up with a series during the hodge-podge shipping Twilight Zone-y days of the Groovy Age!


  1. I was never really a huge Mike Grell fan. But the art in this issue: WOW! Thanks for presenting it to us.

  2. Once again thanks a lot for share Mike Grell Superb work.
    Long live & prosper !

  3. For easy navigation, here's a link to Groove's post of the next issue, WARLORD 9, cover-dated Nov 1977:



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