Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Black and White Wednesday: "The Gardener" by M. W. Kaluta

Dig it, Groove-ophiles! One of the cool things Marvel's Epic Illustrated mag did was reprint early works by some of the best Groovy Age creators. Take for instance "The Gardener" by Mike Kaluta. Originally published in 1970 in a fanzine called This Is Legend, this early M.W. Kaluta masterpiece was reprinted in Epic Illustrated #26 (August 1984).


  1. I am surprised that from when you first posted this story until now, Groovy one, that no one had commented on this beautiful story.
    The story is beautiful in its artwork, beautiful in its storytelling, a calm, thoughtful, almost serene story that is wonderful to behold.

    I doubt coloring this story would improve it, unless only the minimum of color is used, not strong coloring but color applied as water colors and in only the most subdued, lightest touch to bring alive the flowers, the steam under the bridge, the palace in the distance.

    Thank you for posting this masterpiece .

    1. I agree. I guess most Groove-ophiles were left speechless by the wonder that is Kaluta.

  2. I liked Kaluta's story in PHASE ONE from 1971 even more. Scans?

    Chris A.

  3. From PHASE 1 (1971)
    “As Night Falls: Sally’s Song”

    “As Night Falls: Michelle’s Song”

    He did one more, a one pager called “As Night Falls: Cheryl’s Song” for INFINITY #3 (1971), but there are no scans online (as yet).


    Chris A.



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