Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Marvel M-Ad-ness: Really Groovy Full Page House Ads

Really groovy full page house ads? Yep, that's what Ol' Groove has for ya today! Art by Dave Cockrum, Michael Golden, Bill Sienkiewicz, Steve Ditko, Gil Kane, and more! Ads for X-Men, Micronauts, Moon Knight...lots of good stuff, baby, so dig right in!

That's right! The Brothers Buscema, Kirby, Starlin, and Cockrum right here!


  1. Nice blast from the past. Marvel was bursting with talent in those days.

  2. Using Dave Cockrum's art to sell Byrne's run on the book. Ironic . . . or something.

    And Luke Cage advertised as "the first black superhero"? Did Marvel forget about the Black Panther?

    1. I s'pose "First Black Superhero to Get His Own Comic Mag" might've been a bit long...? ;D

    2. Or maybe the first black hero without black in his name?

    3. Ya might be on to something there, Groove-ophile!

  3. Huffington Post should note the anti brokeback cover and REALISTIC yet hero-capable physique of Spiderwoman there.



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