Monday, March 28, 2016

Marvel-ous Monday: "Murder In Mid-Air!" by Englehart, Sutton, and Giacoia

Hey, hey, hey, Groove-ophiles! Under this stunning Jim Starlin/Joe Sinnott cover lies a pretty important story in the life of the Bludgeoning Beast! He makes a promise to Patsy (Baxter) Walker(which he'll keep in Avengers #144*), his fur turns a dark shade of our favorite, familiar blue, and an old friend returns (and Ol' Groove's not just talking about The Angel)! Toss in the debut of The Griffin (a minor villain with a lot of appearances), and you've got yourself a pretty far-out comic! From Amazing Adventures #15 (August 1972**), prepare to witness a..."Murder In Mid-Air!"


**Yep, Young Groove got this one for his 9th birthday!


  1. "[your fur] just changed color! Weirdest thing I ever saw!"

    Well, except maybe for a humanoid beast turning up at your apartment?

  2. And, as Englehart points out on his website, Patsy Baxter is in a negligee' ! May be tame by today's standards, but 1972 had not yet seen such a sale-boosting attempt in a mainstream comic book.

  3. Somehow I missed this issue when I was first getting the series as it came out. It took a few years before I found out about the Beast battling the Griffin. This was an entertaining small run.

    Rip Off

  4. Great Jim Starlin cover. Great story and art. Thanks for another installment. I'll have to dig up 11 - 15 of AA (16 was lousy) and read them straight through.



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