Friday, March 18, 2016

Making a Splash: Mister Miracle, Jack!

Dig it, Groove-ophiles! Mister Miracle, the jelly to Orion's peanut butter in Jack Kirby's Fourth World saga, had one of the wildest costumes, coolest concepts (inspired by Jim Steranko's real-life professional escape-artist phase), and superior spouses (well, Big Barda would eventually become M.M.'s spouse) in all of the Groovy Age! Young Groove loved the costumes and action, and even today Ol' Groove still digs the far-out fun of this kool Kirby kreation! The original series ran 18 issues (January 1971-November 1973), making it the longest-lived of the Fourth World mags...Looks like Young Groove wasn't the only fan of red-green-and Barda! Check out these smashing splashes (with inks by the titanic talents of Vinnie Colletta and Mike Royer), baby!

MM #2

MM #3


  1. That was stupendously kirbytastic, Mr. Groove.

    I love Big Barda, so this had a slight edge over that awesome post of Forever People splashes you did a little while back. (How long are you going to make us wait for the New Gods one?)
    Let the Coletta v Royer arguments begin...


  2. Kirby always struck me as someone who was a firm believer in Erich Von Daniken's Chariots Of The Gods? I never bought into it, but it did make for some interesting stories for him.

  3. Ohh man, I absolutely love Mr. Miracle, especially Kirby's work on this book. That is a whole lot of awesome in one place!

  4. Jack Kirby's well meaning efforts were always marred by his huge defects as a writer. I have few good memories of his DC and return to Marvel output. The art was great, though, especially with the addition of Mike Royer as inker.

    1. Thats something I hear a lot, but I've always thought Kirby's DCs were among the very best comics of the 70s, and they've stood the test of time unusually well.
      Sure, his scripting could be a bit heavy handed at times but I reckon he's hugely underestimated as a writer.

      But, you know - we like what we like.




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