Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Black and White Wednesday: Direct Currents for the Summer of 1976

Check it out, Groove-ophiles! If you remember the Summer of 1976, you're bound to have some great memories--Ol' Groove sure does! Here's a chance to re-live some of those "gold old days" from the summer of the U.S.'s Bi-Centennial via the Direct Previews section of Amazing World of DC Comics #12! To make it even more special, this particular edition of Direct Previews announces the arrival of new DC publisher Jenette Kahn (along with the major editorial changes), aaaand a preview of the original cover of Superman Vs. Muhammad Ali--by Joe Kubert!?! All this and a sneak-peek at September 1976, too!


  1. 1976 was a big year for me (I got married to my lovely wife of these many many years) and it was the time when I think I most adored DC Comics. The DC books of this time get banged around a lot by fans, since the dread Implosion is soon to happen, but I for one found that DC was the more interesting company in the late Bronze Age with different formats, some different kinds of comics, and some really outstanding talent. Superman was steady and highly readable and Batman was getting a good vibe. The Justice League was fantastic with tons of heroes it seems every issue. Love this period of the company.

    Rip Off

  2. Perfect timing! I am currently re-reading many of my "Summmer of '76" comics and this is exactly what I need to round up the issues I need. I was much younger than Rip, but Bronze Age DC Comics are still my favorites.



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