Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Ol' Groove's Request Line: "See No Evil!" by Kanigher and the Redondo Studio

Hey, hey, hey, Groove-ophiles! A few days ago, over on our FaceBook fan page (what? you haven't joined us on FaceBook? For shame!), Groove-ophile Burt B. mentioned that Ol' Groove had never run Ragman #3 and very politely requested that we share it here on the Diversions post-haste. Well, Burt, here 'tis! Dunno why we've never rapped about it here before. It's a goodie, with very nice Kubert-esque art by The Redondo Studio and one of those Bob Kanigher stories that hit all the high-notes: kids, kittens, and crooks with funky weapons (dig that bad-guy's wheelchair)! Here's "See No Evil!" from Ragman #3 (September 1976)!


  1. I liked Ragman. It was one of those mid-70s DC titles that died aborning like Stalker, Rima, Manbat, Beowulf and Blitzkrieg. At least Ragman made a few more appearances with Batman. Is he still part of DC canon? I believe Joe Kubert actually laid out Ragman with finishes by the Redondo studio.

  2. I have an immense fondness for that original, all-too-brief 5-issue run of Ragman. The concept for the character and the series was outstanding (you can't get more street-level than ol' Rags), and most of the stories - as I recall - were quite solid.



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