Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Decent Comics: "The Invincible Man" by Bridwell, Newton, and Schaffenberger

Holy Moley, Groove-ophiles! It's another episode of E. Nelson Bridwell, Don Newton, and Kurt Schaffenberger's SHAZAM! from World's Finest (issue 257, March 1979, that is)! Is there any possible way to make classic Captain Marvel villain Mister Mind cool? Ummm...no. But hey, Nelson, Don, and Kurt gave it the old college try with "The Invincible Man"! Check it out...


  1. This story is just begging for a follow up - indestructible human body, just waiting for the right person to discover it...

  2. I loved the 70's Captain Marvel stories, complete 100% cheese but so much fun.

  3. Bridwell had a way with the Marvel family that I don't think has ever been duplicated...except for maybe Kingdom Come

  4. I remember this story from 1979! A fun one to re-read!

  5. Gorgeous artwork by Newton and Schaffenberger as always. Nice hidden shout-outs to C.C. Beck, Pete Costanza, and Todd Klein. And I love Sivana's "salute" to Cap on page 8!



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