Friday, September 23, 2016

The Grooviest BACK Covers of All Time: Basil Wolverton Goes Plop!

Dig it, Groove-ophiles! The amazing Basil Wolverton provided the creepy/crazy/cool covers for the first fourteen issues of PLOP! but did you know that for the first ten issues he also provided the back covers? S'truth! Y'see, the first ten issues of DC's Magazine of Weird Humor was an ad-free enterprise. The back covers were what we'd now call "virgin covers", showcasing the art from the front cover with no copy. Even more importantly, the art was printed in an even larger size on the back cover, giving us a greater glimpse of Wolverton's gloriously grotesque but gleefully goofy guys and gals...

And, oh, yeah! Dig those wild and crazy Sergio Aragones cartoons beguiling us from the background!


  1. Plop was one of those pure genius moments in time. A distinct feeling with the right artists and writers. Definitely lightening in a bottle never to be repeated.


    ...uh, sorry, there, I just wasn't expecting this latest post. Caught me off guard.

  3. Do you think the pictured Josephine was Basil's flight attendant girlfriend who dumped him?

  4. I liked Basil Wolverton's art. But the Plop! covers were a little too gross for me.

  5. I can see why all of these guys were virgins. Except for Josephine, of course. Who could resist an offer like that?

  6. Thanks so much! Still can't believe DC has NEVER issued a Plop! collection. Seems like nine-year-olds today would still find this stuff hysterical, decades after it was originally published.



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