Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Decent Comics: "Git Off the Street, Annie Jo!" by Aragones, O'Neil, and Cardy

Howdy, Pardners! Time for another trip back to the old west to visit that rascal Bat Lash! This one's a bit over-the-top villain-wise (Judge Nero seems to have come straight outta the Batman TV show), but Ol' Groove loves Samantha Eggert--the deputy sheriff who's more than a match for our devil-may-care protagonist. Of course, Nick Cardy's art is amazing--and quite appropriately amusing this time around. Don'tcha just dig the broken arms ruse at the beginning of this cowboy classic? Good goin' plotter Sergio Aragones and scripter Denny O'Neil! Bat Lash #3 (December 1968) was a hoot!


  1. The broken arms gag may have been inspired by a similar trick used in the old Spirit comic, where bank robbers used casts to cover the fact that they were carrying machine guns. Nick Cardy would've probably been aware of it, because in the early 40's he was drawing the Lady Luck strip that appeared in the Spirit newspaper section.

  2. Inspired by the actress Samantha Eggar? http://www.imdb.com/name/nm0002058/



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