Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Black and White Wednesday: "Dragon Slayer" by Jones and Jones

Dig it, Groove-ophiles! We're going waaaaaaay back to 1967 to some early Jeffrey Jones work from Larry Ivie's legendary pro-zine Heroes and Monsters #2. According to Ivie's editorial in that ish, Jones' "Dragon Slayer" led the fledgling (and immensely talented) artist to gain work at Warren, King Comics, and even Ace Books (covers). Not only that, but the story was scripted by Jones' then-wife Louise (yep, the same "Weezie" who edited X-Men during the late 70s, co-created Power Pack in the 80s, and is married to Walter Simonson).

Yep, that was a long time ago, huh? Okay, are you ready for adventure? Then let's gooooooooo...!


  1. Gorgeous, as always with Jeff. Got any more from Heroes & Monsters, Groove?

  2. Ivie's magazine was such an oddity. I often wondered how he got it on the newsstand. Like Castle of Frankenstein (which he was also involved in) it had a crudely pasted together fanzine look, but also had features with great art by creators like Jones and Wrightson, in their earliest fan years, and Al Williamson. Great cover paintings by Ivie, though.

  3. Jeff Jones' comics output was small and scattered. But each contribution was a masterpiece.

  4. My favourite Jones comics stories are the "Idyl" one pagers for NATIONAL LAMPOON from 1972-75, his "Spirit of '76" story from SPASM #1 in 1973 (but the reprint in the 1983 RAVENS & RAINBOWS by Pacific Comics is better 'cos it shows some subtle colours in what seemed to be inkwash), and his short stories for Warren's VAMPIRELLA #32, "Dead Run" and "Harry" (except these were ruined by horrible colouring - Warren later reprinted them in b&w). Also, Jones' "Deep Secrets" from ALIEN WORLDS #4 in 1982 and "A Night to Remember" from PATHWAYS TO FANTASY #1 in 1984, both published by Pacific Comics. His "I'm Age" one pagers for HEAVY METAL in the early '80s were too scratchy for my tastes, but the others mentioned---wow! Truly advanced comics work, some of the best.

    Best regards,
    Chris A.



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