Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Decent Comics: "Hound You to Your Grave" by Kashdan and Perlin

HoooOOOOOw's it hangin', Groove-ophiles! Today we have a sinister short by two journeyman talents, George Kashdan and Don Perlin. Hopefully you won't think Ol' Groove's gone to the dogs when you read "Hound You to Your Grave" from Secrets of Sinister House #16 (October 1973)...

Arf, arf, baby!


  1. I remember picking this issue up, Sinister House was such a fun title.

  2. Don Perlin was a middling talent who excelled when he found his niche in Werewolf by Night and the 90s relaunch of Magnus, Robot Fighter by Valiant.



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