Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Black and White Wednesday: "Bolt" by Margopoulos and Nino

Check it out, Groove-ophiles! "Bolt" by Rich Margopoulos and Alex Nino made its debut in the first issue of Warren's Rook mag (August 1979) and looked for all the world like the start of an ongoing series. Well, as far as Ol' Groove can deduce, t'was the only appearance of Jason Bolt, and that's a shame, 'cause his was a cool concept. Now, as was the wont for Warren mags at the time, author Margopoulos loaded "Bolt" with text, and Nino was allowed to go totally bananas on the layouts with the true "wide-screen" double-page spreads (competing with Heavy Metal, y'think?), and the level of detail Nino puts into these pages is mind-boggling. It's an amazing strip to look at (design-wise, especially), but really hard to read...but Teen Groove thought it was worth the effort and enjoyed it even more than the Rook tale that fronted the mag (sorry Bill DuBay and Lee Elias)...


  1. Wow. Very nice. There is a Warren archive at (mostly Creepy and Vampirella as well as minor titles)

  2. This was certainly an interesting, innovative storytelling technique by Nino. Looks like something Steranko would have done.

  3. Glorious. Everything I loved about Groovy Age black and white mags in one post!

  4. Alex Niño is by far one of the best innovators of the Bronze/Copper/Modern Comics Ages. He took risks, dared to look ahead, and did things no other artists were doing back then. His experiments with foreground/background juxtaposition are legendary.



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