Thursday, January 5, 2017

Groovy Age Gold: "The Secret of the Buzzard's Revenge!" by Simon and Kirby

Hey, hey, hey, Groove-ophiles! Flipping through Jack Kirby's awesome New Gods #4 (June 1971), the very first 52 page, 25 cent ish, what jumped out and grabbed me by the brain but a reprint Jack and Joe Simon's inaugural Manhunter strip from Adventure Comics #73 (February 1942)? Wanna see it?

I knew you would!


  1. Beautiful comics. This period of time was when I fell in with DC. I followed Kirby over and while I had dabbled in The Flash and JLA, I was a Marvel fan by and large. This era with the quarter comics and the reprints really made me appreciate DC and comics in general. Great values! Too bad it didn't work out.

    Rip Off

  2. this was great! but I think there were a couple of stories before this one of a non costumed manhunter in Adventure comics, this was the first of the costumed manhunter.

  3. Love it! I would often buy D.C. to get the reprints, esp the 100 pagers. Btw.. the S&K art seems better (?) than usual for the time? Characters seem more muscular, less skinny and less inking of muscles and such? I hope I am sounding cogent lol?

  4. Seems to have been some realization after drawing the comic that the red headpiece should cover the face, so they just slung red ink on him. The cover image has him more clearly wearing a face-covering mask.

  5. Exactly the sort of wild fun and bizarre visages you expect from Kirby and Simon's early days! But man, Kirby didn't do the poor colorist any favors, did he? Manhunter's get-up design would settle down in a couple of issues (to that bizarre powder-blue facemask) but even here--I'm presuming the reprints were freshly colored--the colorist couldn't decide if Manny was wearing a cowl as per the cover or a full face-mask as the interior art frequently suggests and was ultimately the case.

  6. I had that issue of the New Gods and that Manhunter story freaked me out to the point that the image of the Vulture is still burned into my brain. What fantastic art.



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