Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Decent Comics: "United We Fall!" by Levitz, Staton, and Layton

Greetings, Groove-ophiles! Paul Levitz, Joe Staton, and Bob Layton are cookin' with gas in All-Star Comics #69 (August 1977)! "United We Fall!" cleans up the left-over plotlines regarding Bruce Wayne's problems with the JSA, plus we get a some rarely-seen JSA-ers, aaand a sneak peek at The Huntress! If you love great, big super-hero on super-hero battles, this ish is gonna blow your mind! Ready? Set! Go!!
Cover art by Al Milgrom and Jack Abel


  1. This was a great issue. Man I love the Bronze age it's so much better than what came after. I feel that DC never used the JSA as they should have. They should have been given their own nag back when BB had those team ups like Starman and BC.By the time they got their own title again they don't have Black Canary, my favorite.

    Something that brothers me about this all star revival,don't get me wrong I love seeing these. But the big law that runs all the way through the whole run, the characters seem to have gained no wisdom for their ages, in fact they are a lot more irrational they they were before. They are irrational, angry, ready to fight at they drop of a cowal. In other words, they act like marvel heroes.

    1. I'd always thought it was pure laziness on Denny O'Neil's part to not just create an Earth One version of Black Canary for the Justice League, rather than depriving the JSA of theirs. But, then, I wonder how Levitz would have written Power Girl? Canary would have changed the "look at me, feminist" portrayal by being even more awesome, both seasoned and lacking the invulnerability of a Kryptonian, yet holding her own with the male members of the team.



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