Thursday, January 12, 2017

Random Reads: Little Lotta in "A Good Turn"

Howzit hangin', Groove-ophiles! Ya know, in this day and age of health and fitness, a story like "A Good Turn" takes on so many different meanings. One thing that remains both the same and timeless about this tale is the lesson that a person should be happy in their own skin. Our heroine, Little Lotta, knew and liked herself. She knew she was smart, strong, and kind...and she was happy! Well, until someone else tried to change her. (There's another lesson, huh?) Is Ol' Groove reading too much into "a silly little kids' comic"? Let's go back to the pages of Richie Rich Millions #58 (December 1972) and you can read it for yourself, then make up your own mind...

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