Friday, January 13, 2017

Grooviest Covers of All Time: Thirteen #13s for the Thirteenth

Yep, just what the title says, baby...

How many of these are you lucky enough to have?


  1. Hi Groove, Charlie only has 4! Love the Captain Marvel! Enjoyed Lot yesterday! Nor Harvey is always welcome!!! Cheers!

    1. More Harvey is coming, CH47! They're haaaaaaard to find, but for you...;D

  2. Man, that last one is a HECK of a cover! Cool!

  3. I've got four of the originals and two reprints! Not too shabby, if I may say.
    In that issue of Conan, a guy gets eaten by a giant spider.
    Brrr. I'm an arachnophobe, and that stuff give me the willies.
    Pleasure to see these covers!


  4. The Frank Brunner run on Dr. Strange was phenomenal. I thought Ye Olde Groove would feature more of it leading up to the movie.

    1. And I would have if they weren't so abundantly in (re-)print. It was a thrill to meet Brunner in Cincy last fall. The look on his face when I told him that he "blew my nine year old mind" was priceless! "You read those when you were nine?" he laughed. Said I, "Yeah, but I didn't say I UNDERSTOOD them." A truly memorable moment for moi!

  5. The only one I had was the DC Super Stars/Sergio Aragones special. I was a big fan back then, but don't remember much about it, other than it seemed to be a lost issue of PLOP!....seems like it was double-sized the last few issues and just disappeared with little fanfare. Anyway, Cain, Abel, and Eve appeared between stories, just like PLOP!



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