Thursday, March 9, 2017

Amazed by Aparo: "The Eternal Mountain" by Aparo

Dig it, Groove-ophiles! Here's a short shocker ably illustrated by none other than Jim Aparo (who wrote it?), "The Eternal Mountain!" This one is from Ghostly Tales #68 (July 1968), by the way...


  1. What a fabulous little ghost story and Aparo is on fine form with the art duties, a real rare find Groove.

  2. Please continue with these Charlton Jim Aparo gems. It's great to see early Aparo art before he jumped over to DC with Aquaman (along with Dick Giordano and Steve Skeates). I've collected most of the Charlton supernatural and superhero titles over the years but still have holes in my collection which these postings fill in nicely.



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