Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Decent Comics: "The Deadliest Game In Town!" by Levitz, Staton, and Layton

Check it out, Groove-ophiles! All-Star Comics #71's (December 1977) "The Deadliest Game In Town!" by Paul Levitz, Joe Staton, and Bob Layton gave us fans what we'd be dying for--The Huntress in action! Teaming with Wildcat, the daughter of the Earth 2 Batman and Catwoman got the spotlight as they battled to free fellow JSA member Star-Spangled Kid. Toss in an intriguing sub-plot featuring Dr. Fate, and you've got one far-out comic mag!
Cover art by Joe Staton and Dick Giordano


  1. Why is no modern comic I read nearly as much fun as this comic? Delightful comic set in a world which was at once vintage and modern.

    Rip Off


  2. An awesome read, indeed! I loved that run and the odd assortment of heroes that it brought together :)



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