Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Black and White Wednesday: Wally Wood's Unpublished Plop-ular Poetry

You Groove-ophiles are absolutely the greatest! So kind, loyal, and generous! Gil Oritz, co-worker, friend, and photographer of the late, great Wally Wood read our old post on Woody's Plop-ular Poetry from DC's PLOP! mag and not only answered Ol' Groove's question ("I wonder if  poems "v"-"z" were ever completed? "), but shared the wealth, as well! Seems Woody had gifted Gil with the original art for the unpublished "V-Z" sections--and Gil has graciously shared scans of those long-lost (to fandom, not Gil) pages. Thank you a ka-zillion, Gil!! Thine unselfishness has earned thee the highest accolades that Groove City mayest bestow! We tip our kreighblas to thee, Sir!

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