Friday, January 12, 2018

Making a Splash: 40 Years Ago This Month

January 1978! Teen Groove was (thankfully) half-way through his freshman year in high school, and was still spending all he could on comics (as you can see, at this point and time, t'was all Marvel and DC stuff). I couldn't buy everything, but man, I gave it a shot! How many of these cataclysmic comix did you pull off the spinner rack that wild and wooly winter...?
Amazing Spider-Man #179

Captain America #220

Fantastic Four #193

Iron Man #109

Rampaging Hulk #8

Showcase #99

Savage Sword of Conan #27

Star Wars #10

World's Finest #250

What If? #8

X-Men #110


  1. Groove, a dig those splash pages! And, I also dig the sad sack posting from yesterday! Have a great weekend.

  2. Enquiring minds have to know! Where is that Man-Bat/Demon story from? An issue of Detective?

    1. Batman Family #17. It' right here:

    2. Batman Family from about issues 12 - 20 had some of the best stories and art. I'm surprised it failed.

  3. A slim month for me that month: Avengers, FF, the Invaders, that issue of Marvel Premiere with Seeker 3000. And then, somehow, that issue of X-Men mysteriously turned up in my dining room.

  4. I see that Tony Dezuniga was represented 4 times this month. The man's contributions to the comic book field were immense. I sure miss him. We also had the unique teaming of Joe Staton with Mike Nasser. Is it any wonder those of us who lived through the Groovy Age loved it so much?



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