Wednesday, August 8, 2018

Black and White Wednesday: "Something to Remember Me By!!" by Tom Sutton

HooooOOOw's it shakin', Groove-ophiles! Isn't it about time we grooved to the macabre comicbook mastery of  the great Tom Sutton once again? Ol' Groove thought so, too! So let's flip through the pages of Creepy #44 (December 1971) until we find Mr. Sutton's cadaverous contribution, "Something to Remember Me By!!"


  1. We love this one... a great Tom Sutton Corpse design !!

  2. Tom Sutton was an amazingly adaptable artist. From a much more traditional approach while doing Star Trek for DC to his Marie Severin style humor for Not Brand Ecch to the almost Wally Wood like stuff for Warren and Charlton, he pretty much covered every genre. I found his Warren output probably the best along with what he did for Charlton during its last wheeze. Seeing a TFS signature meant I was ready to be taken for a quality ride through another flight of fantasy. The Warren/Charlton work also had the added benefit of his unique lettering, but editing must have been at a minimum since misspelled words frequently found their way into the story. He left us way too soon at 65, but thanks to his prolific speed, a huge body of work to enjoy. I still like his butcher who was a ghoul that gangsters made the mistake of trying to sell protection to and superhero who was in reality a vampire dispatching evildoers to a particularly bloodless end.



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