Thursday, August 9, 2018

Funny Stuff: "The Flash Meets Jerry Lewis" by Bridwell and Oksner

Dig it, Groove-ophiles! As Ol' Groove has rapped about in the past, Jerry Lewis has always been one of my favorite celebrities. Loved his movies, his work on the annual MDA Telethons, and of course, his comics. Since DC published his mag, The Adventures of Jerry Lewis, it was inevitable that Jerry would occasionally meet up with some of DC's super-heroes. Like in ish #112 (March 1969), where "The Flash Meets Jerry Lewis" by E. Nelson Bridwell and Bob Oksner. This one is kinda edumacational, too, since we find out where the bad guys (used to) get their costumes...


  1. Wacky and funny! Thanks Groove!

  2. Bob Oksner, like yesterday's Tom Sutton was equally adept in whatever genre he was working in. He drew the most beautiful women, whether in drama or the comedy he loved doing the most. His brief foray into the adventures of Supergirl in the early 70s issues of Adventure still stand out. This issue of Jerry Lewis displays all his strengths, a sort of four color perfect timing and gives heft to the always talented Mr. Bridwell

    1. I fully agree! Loved his cover art for Wonder Woman 213 in 1974. Interesting to see a different take on the Flash from him on it.

      Chris A.

  3. I said I wanted to get back to DC superheroes, but this is meretricious! Seriously this is great and I forgot about it completely. I love Jerry Lewis. I love the Flash.

  4. Maybe DC will put out a reprint collection in conjunction withe Jerry Lewis estate to reprint these goofy crossovers. Thanks, groove!

  5. Groove, you have done it again. I can't tell you how happy I was to see this issue spotlighted today. LOVE Bob Oksner! This made my night. Thank you sir!



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