Monday, May 17, 2010

Making A Splash: Barry (Windsor-) Smith's Conan the Barbarian Round Two

Way back in August, Ol' Groove shared the first round of Barry (Windsor-) Smith's color Conan the Barbarian splash pages. Today, I'm finally gettin' to round two, the splashes to CtB #'s 13-24 (minus a couple of reprint issues). About time, huh? Man, what leaps and bounds the Smith's art took! Dig it, baby!


  1. It really is stunning the increase in detail that Smith's art underwent. Love those last few scans.

  2. I keep forgetting Sal Buscema also inked Barry Windsor Smith on Conan also. Ya you can see the increase in the detail Barry did. If I ever win any big $$$ I'm going to try & get me a few Conan pages & Avengers pages from issues #98-#100. Plus commission Mr.Smith for a few pieces & illustrate my fantasy/adventure book as well!Gotta love Mr.Smith's beautiful artwork. I can't believe how fast the decades flew by! I was a mere 10 & 11 years old when these came out!



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