Monday, May 24, 2010

Sci-Fi Week! Making a Splash: Pat Broderick's Captain Marvel

It's SCI-FI WEEK here on the Diversions, Groove-ophiles! Prepare for take-off, set phasers to "stun", and may The Force be with you!

Ol' Groove cannot jive ya, man--I have always really, really dug Pat Broderick's art. It always seemed so hip--cozmik in the Jim Starlin school, yet carrying an underground comix vibe that made it stand way out from the crowd. His work on the last few years' worth of Captain Marvel, usually written by Doug Moench and inked by stellar ink-slingers like Bob Wiacek, Bruce Patterson, and Gene Day still dazzles my senses. Dig these sizzling splash pages from one of the best, and definitely most underrated, CM runs of all time--Marvel's Captain Marvel issues 55-62 (December 1977-February 1979), and Marvel Spotlight (volume 2) issues 1-3 (April-August 1979). Dy-no-mite!


  1. Hey Groovy One!
    Ironic I used to rub shoulders as a young man with Broderick, Jerry Ordway, Al Vey & Mike Machlan. Their first studio was above a grocery store. I even lived across the street in 2002-2004 from where Pat lived in the early-mid 80's in West Allis,WI.

    Great post! I always loved Broderick's beautiful art. I always hated he was called the poor man's Michael Golden. I never thought that was right. He did some beautiful pieces in Monster's Unleashed as well of the Man-Thing. Beside's of course his Micronauts. I loved his Capt.Marv-ell as well. I always wanted to see him do DC's Shazam/Original Captain.Marvel also. SHAZAM! Mike

  2. you know, Pat Broderick's Captain Marvel run had completely slipped my mind, until I saw this post. think I might have to start digging around in the old comic boxes again. . .

  3. Yay! My favorite run of Captain Marvel. Love that Broderick art. Thanks for posting these!

  4. Where can I find scans of PB's run Captain Marvel? If anyone can tell me,email me
    Many Thanks!!!!!!



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