Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Sci-Fi Week! Two-Fer Tuesday: Sci Fi by J. M. DeMatteis and Tom Sutton

Salutations, Stalwarts! Here's a couple shockers from DC's short-lived but so awesome sci-fi mag Time Warp. These two particular tales feature the stunningly haunting art of the vastly underrated Tom Sutton, who gave Steve Ditko and Basil Wolverton a run for their money when it came to drawing weeeeeird aliens. Not only that, but each story was written by the incredible J. M. DeMatteis, who would later go on acclaim with Captain America, Moonshadow, Justice League, "Kraven's Last Hunt", Abadazad, and so much more. Ready for a treat?

First up, here's "The Truth!" from Time Warp #2 (November 1979).

And now, check out "...In Love's Name!" from TW #3 (January 1980).

Don'tcha just love the Groovy Age?


  1. nice one, Groove. Time Warp was a cracking little comic, and it's such a shame DC never rolled with it.

  2. Tom Sutton has got to be the most underrated artist of all time. Finding one of his little nuggets is like finding a Christmas present you forgot to open!

  3. The "...In Love's Name" strip bears a surprising resemblance to a Philip K. Dick short story called "Oh, to Be a Blobel!".



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