Friday, May 21, 2010

Random Reads: Wulf the Barbarian Faces "The Beast of Famine"

Remember this post about Wulf the Barbarian, Groove-ophiles? I know ya do. Well, it's about time we learned what happened next in the all-too-short career of Atlas/Seaboard's savage sword-slinger, ain't it? This second issue (January 1975) is definitely a keeper, as writer/artist Larry Hama turns in a classy comic--with a little help from his friends! Seems that family tragedy left Larry facing the dreaded deadline doom, putting an especially tight squeeze on inker extraordinaire Klaus Janson, but pals like Neal Adams, Wally Wood, Ralph Reese, Ed Davis, Bob McCleod, Pat Broderick, Vincente Alcazar, Paul Kirshner, and Jack Abel lent their titanic talents to get this far-out mag to the spinner-rack on time. Ol' Groove thinks the whole thing turned out lookeening goo-hood, man! What say you?


  1. Wow! I wasn't familiar with this great comic, thanks so much for posting.

  2. wow.... funny how the mind works.. I didn't remember the details of this comic at all but that short scene at the beginning of the two swords vs one has been seared into my brain since childhood.. just couldn't picture where it was from..
    thanks for this..
    put a smile on my face..

  3. Beautiful comic!!

  4. I remember thinking at the time that I really didn't see any Wally Wood in there and I still don't. I can spot the styles of most of those other guys...but not Wood. In 1975, Wood was at his last peak period and his inks, as they always did, should stand out. They don't. I wonder if he offered to help but then wasn't able to do so.

    1. Wild the Barbarian had potential :but had a few problems.Hams had some good;but messed storytelling's wise.Wulf needing to be go another direction:But having Wulf going to New York was not the way.



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