Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Black and White Wednesday: "Undisturbed" by Cuti and Morrow

Why does Ol' Groove love his 1970s comics so much? 'Cause of comics like this one, baby! Charlton Comics did both black and white and color comix versions of the sci-fi cult classic TV show Space: 1999 back in the late 70s and they consistently kept their top-talent on both mags (scroll on down the index and find the many posts I've put up already). Here's another example of that high-caliber talent on display in the b&w version's ish #5 (cover-dated July 1976): "Undisturbed" by Nick Cuti and Gray Morrow.

(And Nick, if you're out there reading this--thanks, man! You rocked in the Groovy Age and you still rock to this day!)


  1. You'll note that "Paul Morrow" looks like artist Gray Morrow, not Prentis Hancock, who played the character on the show.

    Hancock probably didn't sign the licensing agreements for his likeness to be used on merchandise.

    Come to think of it, I don't remember seeing pix of him on the lp album covers or the covers and inserts of the paperback novels...


    Hero & Heroine Histories

  2. I never realized this before, but there was a reason that opening page struck me as oddly familiar all those years ago...

    Not that I fault Mr. Morrow for paying homage to an event that had such a formative influence on the Groovy Age!

  3. LOVED these stories.., collected everyone I ever found. Was always curious why the art on the 3 stories typically featured would start bad, then improve greatly by the last story. Seemed like that occured in each issue.

    As for Prentis, we could always email and verify, but I doubt if his likeness was off-limits, since he had the Palitoy action figure made. I'm more inclined to think it was a visual liberty taken by Mr. Morrow since it wasn't a high-profile project.

  4. I worked with Gray in the early 90s and he was a great guy and a brilliant artist. (PS -- and I love Space 1999!)



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