Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Black and White Wednesday: "Heartfelt Thanks" by Kathy and Ken Barr

Raise your hand if you only know uber-talented artist Ken Barr by his pulse-pounding painted cover art! You know, covers like these:

Don't feel bad--Barr is best known for his paperback and magazine covers (especially the Groovy Age ones he did for Marvel). He did, occasionally, dabble in sequential storytelling, with one such hidden gem being found in Sal Quartuccio's Hot Stuf' #8 (1978). Enjoy!


  1. Far out Groovster! Man I loved those covers Barr did back in the day! I also loved Hotstuff, especially the Manible series by Neal Adams. It had a really cool plot & origin. Very Tigerman like from Atlas. Love to see it here!

    Show us some more Barr & Norem covers as well!

  2. Barr was the BEST cover artist for Planet of the Apes and Doc Savage! (His Doc paperback covers are pretty great, too!) Thanks for the story!

  3. Didn't he do some stuff in 'Epic Illustrated' too?



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