Friday, March 25, 2011

Groove's Faves: "Sam Lomax, N.Y.P.D." by Younger, Sekowsky, and McWilliams

Hey, hey, hey, Groove-ophiles! Have ya picked up the new Atlas titles, Phoenix, Grim Ghost, and Wulf yet? Ol' Groove got his grubby paws on 'em and am looking forward to more. They're not exactly the Atlas/Seaboard style we remember from back in the Groovy Age, but they have a cool vibe and show lots of potential. The most intriguing update has to be pulling Wulf (the Barbarian, natch) into our present day world and teaming him with a cop named Sam Lomax. Yep, the same Lomax that headlined Atlas/Seaboard's short-lived Police Action mag! (I gave ya all the skinny on that mag here.) Since Lomax is back, Ol' Groove thought it was high time to share a peek at his dazzling debut from Police Action #1 (November 1974) courtesy creators Jack (Russ Jones) Younger, Mike Sekowsky, and Al McWilliams. Dig it, baby!

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