Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Black and White Wednesday: "The Monstrous Forces Tear His Planet Apart!"

Hey, hey, hey, Groove-ophiles! Here's a Groovy Guest Post the truly far-out (far, FAR out) Mars Will Send No More's Matthew H. Camp! This is just a taste of what awaits you when you truck on over to MWSNM--so when you get through diggin' this diversion, get thee hence and groove to the martian magnificence!

What it is, Groovy Nation! Lo and Behold, Legions of Bronze Age Believers! Happy belated birthday to the labyrinthine library of the Groovy Agent!

We quickly became Addicted to Alex Nino here at DotGK. We flipped our lids over the complete John Byrne run on Space: 1999, and we still haven’t recovered from the holy headgear of Odin. But nothing savagely mutates us quite like a Black and White Wednesday. And when Ol’ Groove throws Jim Starlin into the mix, we boldly besiege the back issue bins like rampaging lizard men to add to our collection.
The Groovy One not only shares our enthusiasm for all things Starlin but furiously aids and abets us in shamelessly squandering our youth upon them. Thus, we passionately present to you these pages from Jim Starlin’s Metamorphosis Odyssey, from Epic Illustrated #1!

If you must have it all, you need Epic Illustrated #1-9 plus #15, The Price graphic novel (or Dreadstar Annual #1), and the Dreadstar graphic novel. That sets you up for Dreadstar #1-26 at Epic through #27-40 at First Comics. Whoa! There goes the kids’ college fund! But don’t worry – you can read the 10-page “Cliff Notes” version at Planets Disappeared In Atomic Infernos!
What can we say about Metamorphosis Odyssey? This is why Guttenberg invented the printing press! It’s what the ancient Egyptians hoped for when they first put words and pictures together on a piece of papyrus! The Iliad? A warm-up. Beowulf? Amateurs. The Brothers Karamazov? Not even close. So read it, buy it, and store 1000 copies in a weatherproof, impact-resistant time capsule for future generations. Now let’s rock!

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  1. So very Starlin..but yet so very different and unusual. Once again though...great work by Big Jim!



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