Thursday, August 18, 2011

Groove's Faves: "The Crawler in the Mists!" by Wein, Buscema, and Adams

The new Conan flick hits the big screen tomorrow, Groove-ophiles! Once more, Ol' Groove is hoping Hollywood treats a beloved character right. Whether the new flick is box-office gold or a total dud, one thing's for sure--I still have my Conan comics! Besides the magnificent Marvel issues produced during the Groovy Age, there's also this little-seen gem from Power Records--Conan: The Crawler in the Mists!

During the summer or '76, Young Groove was able to get his hands on a pretty good stockpile of Power Records' legendary comicbook/record combos. Most of the Marvel ones were reprints with voice acting, music, and sound effects added. Sometimes you'd run across something brand new--and this Conan record was probably the best of 'em all. Written by Len Wein (not Roy Thomas?!) with art by John Buscema and Neal Adams (!), how could I not love it?

While the comic in and of itself is far-out enough to warrant a "Thanks, Groove!" all by its lonesome, checking out a pulse-pounding Power Record isn't nearly as fulfilling an experience without getting to dig the awesome audio, as well. Click the "play" button and read along, baby!

Found at: FilesTube

While most of Marvel's Power Records offerings were reprints, this all-new saga was actually re-printed by Marvel Comics in Conan the Barbarian #116 (August 1980) with added pages by J.M. Dematteis and John Buscema. Even the splash page became the comicbook cover. Waste not, want not, by Crom!


  1. Thanks for posting! That's the WORST Conan voice of all time but if I was twelve again I'm sure I would have played that record until my needle wore out. And at any age, it would make a decent drinking game to take a shot every time Conan says, "Little Worm!"

    What's with the story turning into a Star Trek episode at the end, though ...?

  2. I agree. Expert pencils and inks; Conan voice from the Rod Serling school of narration. No scantily clad damsel in distress anywhere to be found. Music lifted from Stravinky (Rite of Spring) and Shostakovich (1st Symphony). I could have cracked a few beers and done a better reading with my friends.



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