Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Addicted to Alex Nino: A CAPTAIN FEAR Triple-play

Greetings, Groove-ophiles! Ol' Groove has mentioned before how much he dug the high-seas adventures of Captain Fear that ran in the back of Adventure Comics during the early 1970s. Of the six stories published during the Groovy Age, I've shared three of 'em with you already here and here. With that in mind, does Ol' Groove really need an excuse to share more of these classic examples of Alex Nino artistry--scripted by the great Steve Skeates, no less--with ya? Does Ol' Groove really need an excuse to lay all three of Captain Fear's remaining adventures from Adventure Comics #'s 429, 432-433 (June 1973, December 1973, and February 1974) upon ya today? Didn't think so! So without further yang-yangin', here's "Pirate's Revenge", "Night of the Slaves", and "Revolt and Revenge"!


  1. Awesome! I'd love to see the follow-up Captain Fear stories from Unknown Soldier in 81 by Walt Simonson, even though they technically fall outside the Groovy Age.

  2. genius works...I always loved Alex Nino!

  3. These stories are artistic treasures. Mikeyboy's admiration for Nino is exact to an art that is some of the best the form can or has produced--if more understated and less egotistically opiniated than the one I expressed. Classic, let's just say, then.

    MBird mentions Walt Simonson and educates me one of my favorite artists from my favorite time period doing what would become, much later, a beloved, all-time character for me. I was aware Simonson had worked on Captain Fear somewhere along the way but didn't know until now that it had gone on right under my peak-comic buying, not yet discerning nose. So thanks for that.

    Really enjoyed Simonson's Judas Coin graphic novel and seeing a cool Fear story.

    Have a kind of long wish that Walt would use these stories, go back and "reboot" the Fear origin, bring out the critical-cultural essence of the Fear story, give us a series about Fear and his people dealing with the new reality in its infancy--a series culminating in those trailblazing events in Night of the Slaves, when one slave has had enough, one bold hearted voice talks sedition and overthrow and moves a revolution under cover of night.

    An outcast rebel given the inevitable tidal victory of them, the decimated reality, who takes to the seas to heap the insult upon their treasures and charters then, since the booty is all that is to this bigger world-view now.

    Or did Simonson already do that? In those early eighties stories I missed, or some other one. Stuff gets by me.

    Ah, hell-do it again, then. Take up from it, etc. You get the idea...



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